We Rocked the 2019 Westec Trade Show!

by Kremco - on Monday, November 04, 2019
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My name is Julie Kremer, a sales representative for Kremco, and exclusive distributor of the ANGLE-LOCK® technology developed and patented by Controlled Dynamics. I recently help managed their booth at the 2019 Westec Trade Show and I was thrilled with our product’s performance and its reception by all whom had visited us.

Our display included an eye-catching, 4-pillared structure, which was assembled with a patented and first-of-its-kind Removable Buck Rivets. We were proudly boasting that each pillar could hold a static, vertical. weight load of 370,000 pounds, with a total load capacity of 1,480,000 pounds for the entire structure.

Visitors initially doubted that our structure was indeed just aluminum, and that it could handle such loads. Our pitch was that our mechanically locked, precision-aligned joints and components is an evolution of the standard, t-slot aluminum framing technology and that our structures simply do not fall apart.

We demonstrated the ease of assembly, the strength and stability of design, and its advantages over the standards of contemporary aluminum technology. You couldn't have missed our demonstration of how our ANGLE-LOCK® technology can support a Leopard A5 main battle tank off the ground! Check out our "Tank Tough" product in this amazing video!

It is the STRENGTH of a SIMPLE idea!™

Impressed yet? Contact me and let me answer any questions or concerns you may have about a better aluminum framing solution for your next project.

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About Kremco

About Kremco

Expanding on the ANGLE-LOCK technology we originally patented for the folded carton industry, we've spent over five years developing and perfecting a completely new structural aluminum framing system aimed at maximizing the strength of our extruded profiles by creating mechanically locked, precision-aligned joints and components that do not fall apart even when subjected to heavy industrial vibrations. The Controlled Dynamics rapidly-expanding product line is the realization of this effort!